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Complement your interior or exterior décor with an individually handcrafted and unique concrete bench top, countertop, vanity & Furnishings.

An appealing aspect of using concrete for furnishings is that it can be custom made to any size or colour you desire. The finishes that can be produced with concrete are endless. Each bench top is hand cast so none will be exactly identical. Colour and texture may vary. Surface and hairline cracks may occur. These are not structural flaws but are part of the character of the concrete, which contribute to its beauty. Concrete benchtops are extremely durable and easy to maintain.


A template/pre-cast frame is constructed based on measurements and requirements received from the client or their designer. If required, glass, stones, paua etc. are added, along with coloured or plain concrete. The concrete is then left to cure. Once the benchtop has cured, it is polished (if required) and then sealed and moved onto site. Benchtops can also be made on site (in-situ).

Yes, plain or coloured concrete. The concrete can be polished or ground, to expose the aggregate or for a natural or rustic look, there is a trowel finish or a smooth mold finish. Other options available are acid-washing or decorative staining.

All our benchtops are sealed to protect them from stains. We have a range of sealers available, depending on the clients taste or requirements.

To accommodate for structural, shipping and handling issues, it may be necessary to place joints/seams in the benchtops. The sections are then joined together on site. Benchtops can be made on site, however cracking may still occur. This can be discussed fully as part of our quotation process.

The thickness of concrete benchtops is based on the client’s requirements. In special circumstances benchtops can be made to a 20mm thickness. However, most benchtops are made to 50 – 100 mm deep.

All our benchtops are sealed to protect the concrete from stains. We have tested various products including red wine, tea, lemon juice and oil on our sealers. These products have not penetrated our sealers. However, staining can occur if the sealer is damaged. Some chemicals may harm it ie. Nail varnish remover.

No this will affect the sealer and will allow water, etc. to penetrate through to the concrete, which could stain the concrete. Chopping boards should always be used.

Normally, but a very hot pot may damage the sealer.
Hot pot holders can be cast into benches if required.

Possibly, but not always. Concrete benchtops can develop hairline cracks. If the concrete does crack, it tends to be non-structural and a result from the natural shrinkage of the concrete. Hairline cracks or minor imperfections help make each benchtop unique and are part of the appeal and character of the benchtop.

Cleaning a concrete benchtop isn’t any harder than maintaining a normal benchtop. Avoid abrasive soaps and cleaners and pads.

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